Starfolio baskets operate in a two-step process: 1) Create/rebalance and 2) Transact. 

The first step is to create/rebalance the basket to suit your preferences. The second step involves executing the transaction, which aligns your invested basket with the updated Starfolio basket.

Here we will focus on the rebalancing and transacting steps for a Starfolio basket you have created and invested in. 

Step 1: Rebalancing your Starfolio basket

To rebalance a Starfolio basket you have created and invested in, navigate to the ‘My Baskets’ section, as shown below. Here, you can find the basket you wish to rebalance.

In the ‘My Investments’ section, locate your invested basket and click on ‘Edit’, as shown below. 

On the editing page, you can add, remove or change the weights of the basket’s constituents.

Now, click on ‘Preview Changes’ to ensure they match your rebalancing goals.

If you are happy with the changes, click on the ‘Save Changes’ button. Your Starfolio basket is now rebalanced and step 1 is complete. 

Step 2: Executing the transactions and completing the rebalancing process

To align your invested basket with the rebalanced Starfolio basket, click on the ‘Apply’ button, as shown below. 

Log into the broker account linked to this basket to review and, if necessary, customize the stock quantities as per your requirements. 

Now, click on ‘Confirm Order’ to place orders and complete the rebalancing process. To learn more about viewing and repairing your orders, click here.