Starfolio baskets can include SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) stocks with varying lot sizes. You may want to exclude some of them from your basket. 

If any of the featured baskets include SME stocks (with lot size >1), you can choose not to buy them, as the minimum investment rises sharply if these SME lots are included. Lot sizes of SME stocks are indicated in the invest window as shown below. 

For reference, some of the shadow superstar baskets may include SME stocks. Superstar investors have significant capital available and are able to invest in SME stocks with high lot sizes. This may not be the case for retail investors. 

Let’s take an example of Ashish Kacholia’s superstar shadow basket. You will find several SME stocks with lot sizes greater than one. 

Retail investors may not be able to buy some of these high lot-size SME stocks as the minimum investment required will rise sharply to buy these stocks and align the basket with the superstar portfolio. 

If you choose not to buy these SME stocks with lot sizes, you can set the quantity to zero and proceed to buy the basket. 

To learn about how you can include/exclude SME stocks with different lot sizes from your baskets created using the Trendlyne screener, please refer to this article.