Before making a Starfolio basket:

To exclude SME stocks with lot size > 1, add ‘Lot Size = 1’ to your Trendlyne screener query. Then proceed to ‘Buy on Starfolio’ 

To edit a Starfolio basket:

If you have already created a Starfolio basket and want to exclude SME stocks with lot size > 1, navigate to the screener you used. Now, click ‘Edit’, as shown below, and add ‘Lot Size = 1’ to the query.


Next, go to your Starfolio basket and click on ‘Refresh from Screener’, as shown below. This will rebalance your basket and remove SME stocks with lot size greater than one, aligning it with the updated screener. 

Finally, click on ‘Preview Changes’ and then ‘Confirm’ to finish rebalancing your basket. Your Starfolio basket will not include SME stocks with a lot size > 1.

For FAQs on adding lot size to your screener on Trendlyne, visit this link...