Starfolio gives you the option of connecting multiple brokers to your account. You can link as many brokers as you would like, to your Starfolio account, allowing you to buy baskets using any of them. You can have multiple baskets connected to different brokerage accounts.  

It is important to note that each invested basket is connected to a single brokerage account. Once you buy a basket through a specific brokerage account, it remains mapped to that broker and cannot be changed. If you want to buy more of that basket, you will need to use the same broker as your initial purchase. However, you can choose a different broker when investing in a new basket. 

To connect a new broker to your Starfolio account, first, log out of your Starfolio account.

While logging back in, select the broker you wish to link with your Starfolio account.

Once you've logged in through your chosen broker, enter your Starfolio credentials to link the broker with your Starfolio account. This will connect the broker to your account.

Alternatively, you can link your Starfolio account to another broker while investing in a basket. To do that, click on the ‘Switch Broker’ button on the confirmation window, as shown below. 

Here, select the broker you want to connect to your Starfolio account.

Sign in using your broker credentials to establish the connection, and now you can use it to buy baskets of your choice.