One way to set up a shadow basket on Starfolio is to export a superstar investor’s portfolio from Trendlyne. Alternatively, ‘Featured Baskets ’ on Starfolio already has shadow baskets of select superstar investors.

create a basket on Starfolio using Trendlyne screeners

A shadow portfolio essentially follows the stock choices of an experienced investor. To find these superstar investors and their portfolios, you can go to Trendlyne’s superstar dashboard. Their portfolios are updated quarterly as companies are obligated to disclose the stakes of investors who hold more than 1% in the company.

export Trendlyne screeners

On Trendlyne's superstar investor section, you can access information about the net worth change, preferred sectors, stock weightage and more, for the investor you have selected.

export starfolio button

If you want to create a shadow basket of a particular investor’s portfolio, click on ‘Buy on Starfolio’.

create screener basket

You will then be redirected to Starfolio, where the stocks in the superstar’s holdings are exported and the name of your basket is also pre-filled. You can analyze the performance of the basket in the analytics section by stock, sector, market cap and more. If you are happy with the basket, go ahead and save it.

superstar holding export

You can also set a rebalance reminder. This will prompt you to update your basket when the superstar investor’s public portfolio changes. Since we are creating a shadow basket of a superstar investor, which is updated quarterly, it is recommended to select quarterly rebalancing.

superstar rebalance reminder

Based on the period you have selected, you will be reminded to rebalance the basket to include the new entries or remove exits from the superstar investor’s holdings. This allows you to track the stocks in the screener. Once the basket is created, you can invest in it via SIP or a one-time investment.