Video Tutorial

To create a basket on Starfolio using Trendlyne screeners, you can start by choosing from one of the already-curated expert screeners. They range from fundamental screeners to technical screeners. Alternatively, you can create your own screener.

create a basket on Starfolio using Trendlyne screeners

After selecting or creating a screener to export to Starfolio, you can also set a limit on the number of stocks. If you have selected a pre-built screener on Trendlyne, clone it to make it your own, and then click on the ‘advanced’ option available in the ‘edit’ screen, as shown below.

export Trendlyne screeners

Setting a stock limit is useful when a screener lists over 50 stocks. After you have set the maximum number of stocks in the screener and selected the parameter based on which the stocks will be selected, you can review the list of stocks to see if it meets your investing criteria. If you are happy with the list, go ahead and click the ‘Buy on Starfolio’ button.

export starfolio button

You will be redirected to Starfolio, where the stocks in the screener are exported and the name of your basket is also pre-filled. You can then analyze the performance of the basket in the analytics section by stock, sector, market cap and more. If you are happy with the basket, go ahead and save it.

create screener basket

To keep your basket up-to-date, you can set a rebalance reminder. This will remind you to update your basket when the stocks in the linked screener change. For instance, in the case of ‘Promoters increasing shareholding QoQ’ screener, which picks stocks based on a quarterly increase in promoters' shareholding, quarterly rebalancing is recommended.

set rebalance reminder

You will be reminded to rebalance the basket to include new entries and remove exits from the screener when your rebalance triggers. This allows you to keep track of the stocks in the screener. Once the basket is created, you can invest in it via SIP or a one-time investment.